Good news, bad news: Ramaphosa issues ‘third wave warning’ for SA

With many in the scientific community forecasting a third wave of coronavirus in South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa all but confirmed a resurgence IS expected later in 2021. This stark warning came at the same time the president announced South Africa would move to Level 1 of lockdown – but these freedoms could be rescinded by winter.

Ramaphosa on the third wave

Ramaphosa was left in an unenviable position on Sunday evening. Despite all the positive indicators that allowed the government to ease restrictions – and skip a whole alert level in the process – the 68-year-old has to manage expectations.

The vaccine rollout, unfortunately, hasn’t been swift. South Africa has fallen behind many other nations, and needs to up its inoculation programme as soon as possible. Millions of COVID-19 jabs will be landing in Mzansi this month, but most adults in the country may not be vaccinated until June or July.

When will the third wave of COVID-19 reach South Africa?

The virus appears to be more prevalent in winter. That leaves us with just three months to immunise tens of millions of people, in order to stop a third wave from happening. Cases are likely to rise from the end of May, experts predict.

After announcing the various changes that would be implemented for our move to Level 1, Ramaphosa dealt with the ugly stuff, too. According to the ANC leader, the threat of a third wave is ‘constantly present’, and its arrival ‘will be dictated by the behaviour of the public’. It seems there is, at least, one tougher lockdown left to come in 2021.

Ramaphosa reveals resurgence risk

“The easing of restrictions should not be seen as an excuse to abandon precautionary measures. Face masks and coverings remain mandatory. Not wearing it in public remains a punishable offence.”

“The threat of a third wave is constantly present, as is the threat of yet more new variants. As we witnessed last year, our actions as individuals and as a collective will determine whether and how soon we experience a resurgence of the virus.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

from The South African

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