Safe at sea: SA continues successful beach safety kids campaign

If you’re a parent and planning on visiting a beach in Durban or Cape Town during the festive season, you can rest assured that your little one has added protection.

Both cities are gearing up to tackle overcrowded beaches and missing children, which remain a serious threat to the safety of underage beach-goers.

The metropolitan areas are continuing their successful implementation of tagging minors during the peak season, and the results from the child-safety campaigns have been positive.

Last year alone, hundreds of lost and disorientated children were located after become separated from their families on the beach.


In the last few years, the city of Cape Town rolled out a child safety campaign called Identikidz which tags children and records their vital information

The campaign was developed by the Our Social Development and Early Childhood Development (SDECD) Department . Teams made up of workers from the department are deployed to various ‘hot spots’ to register children and issue identification armbands.

The staff capture your full name, contact details and home address as well as your child’s name, age, gender and a short description of their appearance

According to Identikidz, the armband has a unique number on it which is recorded next to the details during registration. It is waterproof so your child can still swim and have fun without damaging it.

In the event that the child becomes lost, parents are then contacted by authorities.

Durban are also continuing their ChildSafe Beaches Project which allows parents or caregivers to register & tag their children when arriving at the beach with the assistance of beach guides

Lost or distressed children can be taken to the designated “separated children” tent if available at the beach site.


Whilst tagging children at the beach is helpful, it is not fool-proof. If parents are unreachable, unclaimed children can be handed over to authorities. In some cases, children go missing and are never found.

It is imperative to exercise responsible behaviour when visiting a beach with children.

This includes:

  • Informing your child of vital information of what to do if they become lost
  • Establish a meeting point if you get separated.
  • Enforcing the concept of stranger danger
  • Ensuring your child has plenty of water and is protected from the sun.

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from The South African

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